Katja House

“It opened up my eyes. You leave feeling as though you’ve accomplished something and given back to the kids – as well as being super grateful for my family and all I have.”

In 1997 a group of students and staff from Island School travelled to Nepal on a trekking holiday. The stunning beauty of the country provided a sharp contrast to the child poverty on the streets of Kathmandu and so affected the group that they decided to do something about it.

They raised the money to buy some land and build Katja House.

Katja House Orphanage

Katja House opened in 2001, supporting the 80 or so children in its care from primary school through to tertiary education, providing a loving and safe environment that permits them to grow into successful and happy adults.

Twenty years later and the school remains a vital partner of Katja House, with students and staff returning annually to work with the children and undertake maintenance and building repairs.

For the lucky few, we are the safety net.

Katja House Orphanage Katja House Orphanage

Contact alliance@online.island.edu.hk to help us build a small guesthouse that will solve the increasing need to house visiting teachers, supporters and volunteers.

Or, make the transition of leaving home as smooth as possible with a ‘starter kit’ of things our children will need for the next stage of their life.