Student Leadership

Dear Islanders,

We are Alexandra, Arnav, Katrina, and Luciano, your Head Students.

Past leaders in this position have played a pivotal role in empowering students to embody the Island School Values, and fostering within the community a sense of resilience, strength, and unity—as your incumbent Head Students, our goals comprise exactly that. In addition, we strive not only to encourage students to become the best version of themselves but also to further craft an environment where individuals are better able to excel with as well as be inspired by the people around them. Island School is not just a necessary obligation before pursuing higher education—for many of us, whether we acknowledge it or not, it is a second home.

The four of us have committed ourselves to creating an inclusive space where all students feel acknowledged; we’re here for you every step of the way, whether it be through exploring their passions, overcoming challenges, or just mutual support. Feel free to come up to us in person, message, or email us for anything.

We would like to thank Hannah Wu, Airi Tachino, Ray Yao, and Hannah Lee, our predecessors, for serving as shining role models for the entire student body, and for bringing the student, parent, and staff bodies closer together. They have spearheaded the effort to elevate student agency, and we hope to carry their legacy forward.

As your Head Students, we’re so proud and honoured to be representing you in the upcoming year. We look forward to working with all of you!


Alexandra, Arnav, Katrina, Luciano



At Island School, four Year 12 students are appointed as Head Students every year. Demonstrating maturity, enthusiasm, and a commitment to the Island School Values, the role of the Head Students is to serve the student body, and help all students reach their fullest potential! As senior leaders of the school, Head Students embody the Island School spirit and strive to strengthen the bonds in our community. 

Meet the 2022/23 Head Students here!

The Head Students are responsible for the following:

  • Student Voice: The Head Students will represent Island School at the Island School Council Meetings, ESF Student Council, and any other external events that require student presence. 
  • Advising Principal and Senior Leadership Team: The Head Students will meet regularly with the Principal and other members of the SLT as required. Their role is to advise the Principal of student-related issues, and of initiatives or projects that either have been discussed in the Student Council or that the students would like to propose. 
  • Chairing Student Council: The Island School Student Council will comprise Committees representing various areas of Island School student life. The Head Students will call meetings, provide agendas and a secretary and chair meetings of the Heads of the Committees.
  • Assemblies: The Head Students will take full part in the planning of assemblies, proposing agenda items that arise through the Student Council. They will lead assemblies, introduce items and speakers. 
  • Leading the School Ambassadors: Head Students will lead the team of Student Ambassadors who will support them in giving tours or being present at school events.
  • Role Modelling: In all they do, the Head Students will embody the spirit and values of Island School. They will demonstrate and enact all aspects of the Island School Code and encourage others to live up to these values and aspirations.


When students enter the Senior Phase (Year 11–13), they will be able to apply to a range of senior leadership positions through the International Baccalaureate Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) Program. What makes our programme incredibly unique is that student leadership in Island School is not just about serving in established titles, such as being part of the Head Student, Student Council, Ambassadorial or House Leaders Team. It is also about pioneering new initiatives that drive tangible change in the world. Ranging from running student committees to tackling real-world challenges, students are often encouraged to engage with varying communities and explore new fields of their passion. These experiences enable students to gain invaluable 21st-century skills that are paramount for their success as global citizens.


The Island School Student Council is the voice of the students. It is composed of dedicated student leaders who care deeply about generating positive change in their community. It also guarantees that all students have a platform for communicating their viewpoints and thoughts with respect to student life, and are responsible for representing the student body and improving the student experience at Island School.

The Student Council has an active role in many facets of the school’s running, such as: catering, uniform, facilities, charity initiatives and the allocation of funds to student projects through the Student Council budget. Meeting regularly during lunchtimes or after school, members identify and address important issues at Island School and beyond! Updates regarding Student Council events, programs, and new school implementations are summarised under the Message from the Head Students section on the weekly newsletter, and the Island School Student Council Instagram page @isstudentcouncil.

Meet the 2022/23 Student Council here!

Chaired by the Head Students, the Student Council comprises Year 12 Heads and Year 10 Deputy Heads of Committees from the following seven areas:

  • Creative Arts: The Creative Arts Team celebrates the unique aspects of art, music and drama, organising engaging events including Stars In Their Eyes, Island School’s annual musical showcase. The team strives to include every student in this vision, designing a close-knit community where creativity flourishes.
  • Culture: At Island School, we celebrate and appreciate a multitude of cultures. The Culture Team aspires to authentically educate Islanders about the wonders that lie within our different, diverse cultures, uplifting students from every single one of the 33 nationalities comprising our student body.
  • Media: The Island School student body is vibrant and dynamic. With our firm goal of amplifying Islanders’ voices, the Media Team builds platforms that accelerate student expression. Through Island Currents – Island School’s first and only student newspaper – in particular, we strive to spotlight the diverse range of passions our students exude. In turn, we strengthen community through connection, fostering unity.
  • Social Action: The Social Action Committee raises awareness and advocates for the various social issues permeating our community. The team perseveres to do our part in educating Islanders, whilst fundraising through hosting a wide range of events. We will continue to organise events in collaboration with the communities around Island School.
  • Sports: The Sports Committee helps handle all things sports-related. We hope to give students a voice in the sporting activities that are being hosted, and liaise with the PE Department to create the best sporting environment for students. 
  • Student Advisors: The Student Advisors amplifies student voice in their learning within and beyond the classroom. Students play a critical role in directing and “owning” their learning outcomes. From creating mentorship programs to relaying student feedback in amending learning policies, we ensure that curricular and co-curricular learning is authentic, dynamic and engaging.
  • WANBO: WANBO promotes sustainability and generates change in a collective endeavour to protect the school environment and its local surroundings. We host environmental initiatives throughout the year, playing a major role in making Island School one of the most eco-friendly schools in Hong Kong. This includes providing student input on the development of the new Borrett Road campus.


The Student Ambassadors are the faces of the school, representing Island School in internal and external events. They meet school visitors and take guests on tours around campus as required. They help organise events and greet visitors to those events. 

Led by the Head Students, the Ambassador Team will embody the spirit and values of Island School, through leading by example and acting as role models for younger students. Ambassadors will demonstrate and enact all aspects of the Island School Code and encourage others to live up to these values and aspirations.

Meet the 2022/23 Student Ambassadors here!


To support students to become the leaders of tomorrow, Island School also provides a nurturing environment for students to design and lead projects of their interest. 

  • ANAIA: ANAIA is Island School’s annual charity fashion show. In this glamorous event, students model for well-known brands, which has included Topshop, Aanya Shop, Bershka and Swe Wedding. The brilliant works of student fashion designers are showcased as well. Between the fashion lines, singers, dancers and bands entertain the audience. ANAIA is student-led, with committees ranging from advertising, public relations, finance, entertainment, creative direction and model management. All funds raised go to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre. 
  • Imaginings: Imaginings is Island School’s annual student-led arts magazine that aims to showcase the diverse, creative talents within the student body. Students submit poems, stories, photographs, artworks and performance pieces inspired by a specific theme, which in the past has ranged from ‘You Are Enough’ to ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Resurgence’. As an initiative that has been running for over a decade, Imaginings is a testament to the relentless creativity of Island School students.  
  • Islander: The Islander is Island School’s student-led yearbook which celebrates the many events and achievements of the academic year. It immortalises the stories of students and captures their memories of their secondary school days. The Islander team is led by and is primarily composed of Year 12s who are passionate about writing, photography, layout and design, and media. Students from all year groups are invited to write about their experiences throughout the year, whether it be through class reflections or Quest Week recounts. From start to end, the Islander in its entirety is produced for the Island School community, by Island School students.
  • Science Journal: The Island School Science Journal is Island School’s annual STEM-focused publication aiming to highlight our students’ wide range of scientific interests and to generate deeply-rooted passion for STEM. A collaboration with the University of Manchester in the UK, whose professors provide constructive feedback for our eager student writers, students from all year groups are invited to explore and write about any topic they wish.


The extra-curricular programme at Island School is viewed as an integral part of the development of all students. Offering an extension to the traditional curriculum, these activities range from sports to environmental work, from public speaking to playing in an orchestra.

Island School also has a long tradition of sporting excellence and participation. Our teachers, coaches and students are dedicated to providing memorable, intense and energetic training sessions for all the typhoon teams.

The uniqueness of Island School’s extracurricular program lies in the fact that many of these activities are student-led, making the core of these activities the students. 

For existing activities, the next generation of activity leaders are usually selected through a rigorous and comprehensive process, involving consultations with many of the stakeholders within an activity. New activities are usually initiated by passionate students, after designing a thorough proposal of what their activity will entail, and approved through the deliberation of the school’s Head of Activities.

Students in the following year groups will be given the opportunity to lead activities:

  • Year 10: Term 3 only
  • Year 11 & 13: Term 1 & 2
  • Year 12: Term 1-3


Island School has a unique and distinct House culture. Houses are often the main friendship group throughout the school and where many sporting, artistic and academic activities are undertaken.

In the Middle Phase, students are encouraged to contribute to shaping school life through the roles of Form Captains, Sports Captains and other Form Representative roles, amplifying their form’s thoughts to the Student Council and supporting the House in events.

In the Senior Phase, the role of House Leaders is also open to four dedicated students who can apply through a rigorous nomination process. Collaborating with other House Leaders, these students will oversee house-based charity activities as well as provide suggestions to the Student Council and the Head Students. 

All House Leaders will play a significant role in upholding the richness of the Island School experience and foster a sense of belonging and unity in school life.