2 Dec 2022

Meet the Student Ambassadors 2022–23

Student Ambassadors are the faces of the school, representing Island School in internal and external events. They meet school visitors and take viguests on tours around campus as required. They help organise events and greet visitors to those events. Student Ambassadors provide students with leadership opportunities to serve the school community and to shape the vibrancy and richness of their school life.

Led by the Head Students Angela Chen (13D), Charlie Lam (13E), Fiorelli Wong (13R) and Sam Hui (13W), the Ambassador Team will embody the spirit and values of Island School by leading by example and acting as role models for younger students. Ambassadors will demonstrate and enact all aspects of the Island School Code and encourage others to live up to these values and aspirations.


Da Vinci Einstein Fleming Nansen Rutherford Wilberforce
Year 12 Audrey Wong Chloe Bowers Audrey Ho Angus Leung Tammi Ip Zita Cheung
Nicole Cheng Jerry Wong Kaydence Yeung Chun Lok Kwong Rohan Krishnan Jacque Ho
Jamie Lam Justin Wong Anne Mary Baguio Bethany Leung Cherry Kodama Jamie Gunther
Tristan Ng Katie Wong James Callaghan Maisy Morgan Nicole Li Jotaro Kobayashi
Year 10 Bella Broad Jayden Li Shaurya SHARMA Peony Chau Reagan Chan Zita Lok
Chloe Wong Aidan Ma Vijay NARAYANAN Hayley Chan Hava Lee Zubia Ahmed
Timothy Chan Isabella Chow Annabel SUEN Karen Tam Sara Barreto Kaysan Rahman
Viola Ferraro Trinity Au Cassandra KHONG Amy Rahman Muchan Kim Teddy Liu
Year 8 Osmond Ho Bobby Li Cassy WU Samuel Lawrenson Jaedyn Handley Amelie Wong
Weilun Wang David Fu Jayden CHAN Jessica Young Argus Chan Julian Park
Alexa Hamilton-Bram Jeannie Fung Jovi Lam Jonathan Szeto Kate Cai Alisha Wong
Amber Chiao Isabelle Jenkins Amelie Schultz Kailey Chan Oliver Corlett Ishaan Hemrajani