21 Nov 2022

Save The Date: Connected Communities Open Day on 9th December, 2022!

 Mark The Date: Connected Communities Open Day on 9th December, 2022!

Over the past years at Shatin, Island School has built ever-lasting bonds with our neighbouring communities, revealing a new side of Hong Kong to our students. Despite returning to Borrett Road, we hope to continue providing students with these experiences in the future.

Led by Joseph Lau (13D), Sam Hui (13W) and Wilson Siu (13R), supervised by Ms Mary Lacey-Vittachi and Mr Ross Burrough, the Connected Communities Committee strives to maintain these relationships through fostering connectivity between Island School and our former neighbours and community partners for the years to come.

Sub-committee Heads came together to meet on Tuesday, 15th November to discuss the exact chronology of events for the upcoming Open Day, the logistical preparations required and the next steps that they will need to take before the next meeting on Tuesday, 22nd November. They are currently working very hard to ensure that the Open Day and other events during that week are enjoyable, well-organised and memorable!

Collaborating with the Arts, Culture, and Social Action Student Council Committees, the main focus of the Committee is currently the Connected Communities Open Day at Island School on Friday, 9th December 2022, where visitors from Shatin will celebrate our return to our new Borrett Road campus with us through fun basketball games, a large-scale carnival, whole school scavenger hunts, afternoon tea for our senior citizens, and many more! These activities will powerfully help foster closer connections between the school and Sha Tin community and set the stone for more fun activities in the upcoming future!

This Open Day will take place during Connected Communities Week 2022 which runs from the 5th to the 9th of December. A wide range of events will also be hosted that week to further develop both the school spirit and connections with our Sha Tin community, including Run for Sha Tin. Significant events include: Run for Sha Tin, Carnival Games, You Make Us Great Bulletin Board, engagement challenges and more! We are sure that many of you will be able to enjoy these activities in one way or another! Please do remember to stay tuned for other events that may be hosted by the Committee in the future.

Joseph Lau (13D), Wilson Siu (13R) and Sam Hui (13W), Heads of the Connected Communities Committee, have made remarkable gains in the preparation for this notable event. They commented, “It was fabulous meeting with our Sub-Committee Heads and hearing all the novel thoughts available. There are indeed endless opportunities with these types of events, and we are in the process of navigating through these to select the best ones that will form the most cohesive program possible. The session was highly productive, and we were delighted with the progress that has been made. We look forward to delivering an amazing event for our school community on the week of Monday, 5th December, and our Shatin Open Day on Friday, 9th December, to further strengthen our bonds with the community.”

As the committee aims to continue strengthening relationships with the school’s neighbouring communities, more events will be hosted in the future. To stay up-to-date, please remember to follow @connectedcommunitieshk on Instagram!