Quest Week

Quest Week is a key aspect of school life. A diverse range of experiential learning opportunities are offered to students. Students in Years 7-9 participate in year group trips and students from Years 10-13 can take part in both local and international trips. Quest Week supports the development of the Global Competencies and students form strong bonds during these challenging experiences.

Student agency has been central in the development of our Quest Week programme. A student leadership group helped to write the guiding statements below.

Quest Week takes learning outside of the walls of the classroom. Students are encouraged to interact and build connections, whilst being pushed outside their comfort zone. This process is designed to help students develop holistically, through building skills, attitudes and behaviours. It is hoped that this demonstrates that there is no limit to what students can learn and achieve, expanding their view of themselves and the world around them. 


Our aim is to inspire students to become global citizens who nurture respectful relationships, are curious about the world around them, and are committed to making lasting change 


All Quest Week trips should have the capacity to help students develop the Global Competencies

These statement were used to create a trip criteria, and a coherent and progressive curriculum map. These documents then informed a wider student steering group who reviewed an extensive number of trips before agreeing on the experiences on offer.

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