Island Giving

The Island School Trust was established in 2007 to mark the 40th anniversary of Island School. The Trust is largely funded by donations from parents and alumni.  The Trustees include the Principal, a member of the School Council, a PTA representative, a member of the Island School Alumni Association, a staff representative and three independent trustees.

Choose an Island School giving programme that you’d like to support and see what a difference you could make. The money raised from your donations will be used to enhance the education of students (from both Hong Kong’s schools and Island School) helping children to achieve their goals.

The generous nature of the Island School community has been a key feature of our past success and there is no such thing as a small gift, every gift adds up and makes a difference.

Spirit Fund

Posted on08 May 2018
The Spirit Fund, making a difference to Island School students’ lives. The generosity of the Island School community means that the...
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Posted on17 Oct 2019
Baiwan is an isolated community in the northern part of Guangdong province. It is 90km away from the nearest city...
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Katja House

Posted on07 Nov 2019
In 1997 a group of students and staff from Island School travelled to Nepal on a trekking expedition. The stunning...
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