8 Feb 2018

Spirit Fund

The Spirit Fund, making a difference to Island School students’ lives. The generosity of the Island School community means that the Spirit Fund now plays a key role in the school’s development and success. Last year the Spirit Fund paid for: guest speakers and workshops from the HK Literary Festival, it published students’ books, drama productions and workshops, science, filming and food technology equipment and trips to Maths competitions in Korea.

Please state in the, PayPal note section, where you would like your donation to go, Spirit Fund, Island School Trust Scholarship, The Nicola Myers Kenneth McBride Fund  or the John Ying Wah Gibson Memorial Fund. A tax deductible receipt is available on request for donations over $100 contacts, school@online.island.edu.hk

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Donate Target 1,000,000

25 percent of the first million dollars donated will go towards scholarships for tertiary education for Island School students.

Cheques made payable to ‘The Island School Trust’, please reference on the back of the cheque where you would like your donation to go, Spirit Fund, John Gibson or Island School Trust Scholarship. Please also include your name, address and email so we can send you a thank you card and a tax deductible receipt (available on request) for donations over $100. Cheques to Island School Tai Wai, Finance Office, Sun Chui Estate, Sha Tin, New Territories.