Uniform Ordering

Click here for school uniform ordering guidelines for 2020/21 academic year

Island School supports a gender-neutral uniform policy. Students are permitted to select from our full range of uniform items, to ensure comfort and wearability. All uniform items can be worn year round – there is no distinct winter and summer uniform.


Year 7 – 11 Uniform Code


  • Boys shirt/Girls blouse
  • Boys shorts/Girls skort
  • Black school shoes with white socks only

Cold Weather Options

  • Boys long sleeved shirt/Girls long sleeved blouse
  • Boys trousers/Girls long pants with navy or white socks (PE trackpants only worn on PE day)
  • Girls skort can be worn with navy tights or white socks
  • Unisex maroon knit sweater (worn with collar out)
  • Unisex navy fleece or windbreaker jacket can be worn over school uniform

PE Kit

Uniform Cold Weather Options
  • Unisex PE T-shirt in house colour
  • Unisex PE shorts or Girls PE skort
  • Trainers with clear non-marking soles
  • Unisex trackpants or Girls long PE pant
  • Unisex navy fleece or windbreaker jacket

Note: Maroon sweater is not to be worn with PE uniform

Swimming Kit


  • Predominantly navy/black swimsuit
  • Lightweight towel


  • Rash guard
  • Swim cap
  • Swim Goggles
  • Dry Bag


Drama Kit

Uniform Cold Weather Options
  • Unisex drama T-shirt
  • Unisex drama shorts
  • Long black trousers or school uniform Boys trousers/Girls long pants
  • Leggings or tights underneath drama shorts

Note: Drama is indoors, year round and students are expected to wear a drama uniform for every lesson

Year 7 Suggested Starter Kit

Summer Cold Weather Options
  • Boys shirt/Girls blouse x 2
  • Boys shorts/Girls skort x 2
  • Unisex PE T-Shirt in house colour x 2
  • Unisex PE shorts or Girls PE skort x 2
  • Unisex drama T-shirt x 1
  • Unisex drama shorts x 1
  • Predominantly navy/black swimsuit x 1
  • Boys Trousers/Girls long pants x 2
  • Unisex maroon knit sweater x 1    
  • Unisex fleece jacket or windbreaker jacket x 1
  • PE unisex track pant or Girls long PE pant x 1



General Notes

  • Students may only come into school in Drama or PE Kit if they have that lesson first period. Otherwise, they should change into that kit during the break before the lesson or at the beginning of the lesson.
  • Students must change into regular school uniform at the end of their Drama or PE lesson.
  • If students have PE and Drama on the same day, students may remain in their Drama kit for lessons other than PE so they do not need 3 sets of clothes for the school day.
  • Students may only leave school in Drama or PE Kit if they have that lesson as their last period.
  • Full zip fleece jacket and hooded windbreaker jacket can be worn with both PE uniform, school uniform and drama uniform
  • If in doubt about uniform requirements, please contact your child’s tutor, Year 7 Coordinator or Head of House.


Year 12 – 13 Dress Code

Years 12 and 13 are exempt from wearing the school uniform. They must look clean and tidy. Students’ dress can be casual but smart. For PE, Years 12 and 13 must wear Island School PE uniform

Uniform Ordering

*Please note that due to COVID-19, in-store uniform fittings are not allowed but you can still order online via: www.schooluniform.hk