Extra-Curricular Activities

The extra-curricular programme at Island School is viewed as an integral part of the development of all students. Through a rich and diverse programme, students experience safe, enjoyable, and challenging activities, enabling them to develop and grow into successful and happy young adults. To that end participation in the ECA programme is compulsory. The school has high expectations that students will engage fully with the many and varied activities on offer. Students are expected to participate in two activities a term.

Students learn how to work collaboratively through being part of a team, whether it is a sports team, Individual sport fitness activity, debating team or playing in an orchestra. They will learn about commitment and responsibility to themselves and one another.

A list of the different activities on offer at Island School can be found on the Gateway https://is.tg.esf.edu.hk/login.php. Once you have logged in click Activities>Activity > School Activity.


Island School has a long tradition of sporting excellence and participation. This year will be no different. Our teachers, coaches and students are dedicated to make 2020/21 a memorable year of intense and energetic training sessions and of competitive sport for all the typhoon teams.


Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation (HKSSF) Participation and Registration

The HKSSF of sports events across Hong Kong. In order to compete in these competitions, students are organised by age into A, B and C grade (C – Years 8 & 9, B – Years 10 & 11, A – Years 12 & 13). Student participants are required to have a sports I.D card issued by the HKSSF. Every student in the school shall be registered with HKSSF.

International Schools Sports Federation Hong Kong (ISSFHK)

Formed in 2006, the ISSFHK is an alternative organisation to the HKSSF for interschool sports among the international schools in Hong Kong and now boasts 38 member schools. Island School has been involved in a gradually increasing number of sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball and badminton in recent years. The age grouping for the ISSFH Leagues is Under 20, Under 16 and Under 14.

English Schools Foundation Sports
As a group, ESF secondary schools participate in numerous interschool leagues, tournaments and events each year. The age grouping for these follows the same guidelines as the HKSSF system, with the addition of a D Grade for Year 7 students only. The majority of these events are for the younger age groups.

The ESF sports teachers run events such as biathlon, cross-country, volleyball, swimming galas, athletic meets and basketball tournaments at various times of the year. There is no ‘trophy’ at the end of the season for these competitions. The emphasis is very much on participation.

Inter-House Competitions

Every year the students at Island School compete against one another in a cumulative competition for the Inter-House Trophy, the Pierre Steynberg Cup which is presented at the end of the school year.

All students at Island School will represent their House in at least three of the Inter-House competitions held throughout the year, swimming, athletics and cross-country.  All students will participate in the heats for these events, gaining valuable points for their House.

The remaining events run periodically throughout the year.  We combine sporting competitions including; basketball, netball, volleyball, softball, table tennis, football, touch rugby, biathlon and water polo with debating, a quiz, battle of the books and chess to allow all students the chance to showcase their abilities.

Activity Fee
There is a general activities fee which we ask parents to pay at the beginning of each school year. The fee for 2020 – 2021 across all year groups is HK$750. This fund pays for purchase of equipment, hiring of venues and buses for the teacher-run activities, as well as the whole-school inter-house sports competitions. In addition some activities attract an extra fee because they have specialist coaches or extra equipment costs.

Sports Kits
Each team or squad member will obtain their own team kit through the PTA shop. These kits have been subsidized by the PTA. All school teams will wear the same colours: Red shirt, Blue Shorts and Red Socks, with small adaptions to suit the sport. Players will be able to have their number and name on the shirt for a small fee.