Island School’s Values Are At The Heart Of Learning

Our curriculum is based on our values and learning goals. We have a flexible curriculum throughout the school.

The Island School Community Pursues Excellence
The school offers a range of courses that challenge students to be the best they can be. Some of these courses lead to external assessment such as the IB Diploma or the IB Careers Programme. In these cases our results are consistently outstanding and our students achieve some of the top grades throughout the world.

Other courses allow students to go beyond the exam courses with a breadth and depth that can be varied to challenge students at the highest level.

The Island School Community Embraces Responsibility
Students take responsibility for their learning in two ways. There is a wide variety of choice of courses in the middle school and senior school. Students, with careful advice, take responsibility for planning their learning by choosing the courses that are best suited to them, their needs, and their aspirations.

Within many of the courses and programmes, students have the freedom to plan their learning, either through what they learn or how they provide evidence for that learning. While they find this hard to start with, they learn to take responsibility for their learning as they mature and become better prepared for the demands of the programmes in the senior school and beyond.

The Island School Community Celebrates Individuality
The unprecedented range of courses in the middle school allows a tailored, personalised programme for each student that reflects all aspects of their individuality, from their different learning styles to their different interests. The opportunities are there for all students to define the learning programme that suits their individual needs. Support is available to challenge and guide students at every level.

In the senior years the two graduation programmes are designed to be flexible enough for students to express their individuality within the curriculum as well as through the wide range of extra curricular activities.