Learning Technologies

Laptop programme

Island School has one-to-one lap top programme,  requiring all students to have a laptop. Laptops are used to enrich learning experiences in and outside of the classroom, improve communication with your teachers and classmates and offer direct access to educational resources. As you use your laptop, you will build vital skills.

The ability of students to define their information needs, generate and evaluate information sources, extract what they need and create new meaning using digital tools is central to what we try to develop in students, and it is our belief that students need to learn both through and about technology in order to achieve these aims. Digital Literacy is taught to students in Years 7 -11. These lessons include the appropriate application of technology to all areas of the curriculum.

Years 7 & 8
The curriculum in Years 7 and 8 is underpinned by the International Education Award. Students reflect on ideas such as the reliability of information, development and interpretation of media messages and the relationship between society and technology for an important part of the assessment approach.

Years 9-11
Students complete the IE Award in Applied ICT. Students evidence their work through the development of an e-portfolio which forms the basis of the assessment.

Laptop Guidance

  • We recommend that you bring your laptop to class the first week. Your teacher will explain how frequently you will need it in class.
  • Your teacher will discuss the use of laptops within your classes. In general, avoid distracting other students by turning off instant messaging, email, games and other unnecessary applications before class begins
  • We strongly recommend that you avoid downloading unnecessary programmes and games on your laptop. These programmes can create problems with other software on your computer. It is best to keep your computer clean
  • When using laptops and other computers, be aware of the Digital Technologies Responsible Use Agreement. This agreement outlines the school’s roles and responsibilities in supporting safe digital learning, as well as the expected behaviors of our students when using digital or online spaces
  • Check out Digital Technologies Responsible Use Agreement

Laptop Requirements

All students are required to have a laptop computer for use in classes and other academic activities. Desktop computers, Chromebook and iPad do NOT meet this requirement.

Laptop Purchase

Laptop Support

  • We provide assistance for students utilizing school resources. Help is available to assist students in connecting to the school WiFi network, printing & copying, Adobe CC etc.
  • The Helpdesk is available during the school day. Students can visit the ICT office to request help as well. Students can email help-desk@online.island.edu.hk to create a ticket and ask for assistance with ICT related issues.
  • If you have questions about purchasing a laptop, please email your questions to help-desk@online.island.edu.hk along with contact information so that we can call you if necessary
  • Beyond that students need to take responsibility for their own devices for problem solving or troubleshooting.
  • Unfortunately, repairs or warranty are not available on campus. If necessary you will need to refer to a technician or to the supplier where you bought the device.

Laptop Theft

Take the following precautions:

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