Higher Education and Careers

Higher Education Careers & Counselling
Island School is committed to helping each student develop, evaluate and pursue their personal career goals. Via the process of career counselling, Higher Education and career guidance programmes run at Island School, students acquire the knowledge and skills to make lifelong career decisions; with the choice of a higher education institution being the first step.

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Higher Education Team
Mr Roger Wilkinson – Head of Higher Education and Careers Guidance
Mr Orteg Dakaj – Higher Education Guidance Counsellor
Mr Chris Whitehead – Higher Education Guidance Counsellor
Ms Helen Fung – Higher Education Administrator
Email: careers@online.island.edu.hk  Phone: 3762 7634

Visits from Universities and Colleges


We welcome visits from universities and colleges throughout the year. For individual or group visits, or for visiting academics who would like to come and speak to our students, contact Mr Chris Whitehead to schedule a visit.

Island School is based in Sha Tin while the Borrett Road site is being redeveloped.  Most visits will be at the school’s Sha Tin Wai campus.

Best visit times are:

10:55 – 11:20AM – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
12:35 – 1:20PM – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
12:35 – 2PM – Fridays

You can find information on getting to Island School’s Sha Tin Wai campus here.

Island School Higher Education Fair 

We also hold a Higher Education Fair in September each year.  Contact Mr Chris Whitehead  to find out about joining the next event.

Student and Parent meetings
Our Higher Education counsellors meet with all students in Years 11, 12 and 13.  In addition, students are welcome to drop-in during breaks or free lessons.  We welcome meetings with parents.  Email us to arrange a meeting time.

What can students discuss with the Higher Education Counsellor?

Essentially anything that relates to life after school. For example:

•    Subject choice – how it relates to university and career choice
•    Any question in relation to universities/colleges
•    Work experience – ideas, how to approach organizations or find contacts;
•    Scholarships
•    Career skills such as interviewing techniques, resume writing
•    Summer programs
•    Developing further self awareness for career decision making
•    Tests required/preparation needed for university entrance;
•    Gap year – ideas and programs available
•    Understanding about career areas, job market, employer needs etc

Higher Education & Careers Guidance Process includes

Year 10
•    Careers programme is run in tutor time – focus is on identifying skills and strengths
•    Students get to meet people from different occupational fields, guest lectures are arranged for classes as appropriate
•    Students are welcome to attend any university visits
•    PSAT testing offered

Year 11
•    Each student has a career interview
•    Careers Development Program within Tutor Time and coordinated learning with life skills programme in PSHE sessions
•    Workshops on careers development
•    Involvement in Post 16 Options Information Sessions and subject choice counseling;
•    Participation in Parent/Teacher meetings.
•    Students get to meet people from different occupational fields, guest lectures are arranged for classes as appropriate
•    PSAT testing offered
•    Students are encouraged to attend any university visit

Year 12
Higher Education Counselling events for students & parents
•    Individual interviews regarding Higher Education plans & interview preparation
•    Information sessions regarding procedures for application to universities in UK, USA, Canada, HK and Australia
•    ESF University Fair attendance in January
•    Oxbridge preparation
•    Personal statement/essay writing preparation for university
•    Participation in Parent/Teacher meetings

Year 13
•    Higher Education Counselling Evening for students & parents
•    Individual interviews regarding Higher Education plans & interview preparation
•    Managing the university applications process to ensure timely, accurate applications are made to each destination
•    Interview preparation;
•    Participation in Parent/Teacher meetings
•    Information sessions regarding offers, acceptances and result scenarios with detailed advice
•    Post-results counselling at school