Guidance and Support


At Island School, we care about the holistic education of children and young adults. We aim to ensure that;

    • Students feel happy and secure within an international school environment which promotes respect for all.
    • Students feel comfortable with and have the skills to communicate effectively with their peers and teachers.
    • Students develop a sense of responsibility as citizens of the school, the Hong Kong community and of the world beyond.
    • Students are able to take responsibility for their own learning.
    • Students are able to take part and achieve success both inside and outside the classroom.
    • Students’ progress and success are celebrated and rewarded.

Approved by the School Council, to be reviewed November 2016

The House System

A student entering the school will be put into one of six Houses: Da Vinci, Einstein, Fleming, Nansen, Rutherford, or Wilberforce. The House System is a great strength of Island School and allows for continuity of pastoral care and guidance from Years 7 -13.

Specific Roles

The Heads of House will have a depth of understanding of the broad needs of each child and will develop a close relationship with both student and parents.

Each student is placed within a tutor group. The Form Tutor is a House member who supports and guides students, both socially and academically, on a day to day basis.


The wellbeing of children is very important, which is why we have created a curriculum through which students gain the knowledge and skills they need to help manage their lives.

  • In Years 7&8 students look at topics such as Wellbeing and Identity.
  • In the Middle School, students have a lesson once every three weeks on issues such as self esteem and risk.
  • Targeted ‘Focus Days’ concentrate on specific issues at key points in our students’ development. For example, the Year 9s have a Sexuality and Relationships programme and the Year 10s have a Drugs and Alcohol education programme. This often involves guest speakers.
  • The Upper School has an induction programme which includes sessions on mindfulness, stress management and life beyond school.

We view wellbeing as a whole school responsibility that extends to every member of the community and underpins our core values.


The Guidance Team welcomes regular communication with parents to ensure that students are happy and successful at school. The main points of contact at school should be; the Form Tutor, the Heads of House, the Senior Head of House and the dedicated staff members as the Child Protection Officer, Beth Hall and Nick Lee, Vice Principals.

Contact can be made in the following ways;

The School Diary (Years 7 & 8). 

This is an important part of Year 7 and 8’s stationery and they are expected to record all homework and important school dates within it. Teachers and parents can communicate with each other through notes in the diary, including notification of absence. Both parents and the Form Tutor are expected to check and sign the diary on a weekly basis. Diaries beyond Year 9 are optional.


All members of staff have a school e-mail address and this is often the easiest way to contact the Form Tutor or a Head of House. They will always endeavor to respond within 24 hours.

House  Point of contact for
Years 7, 8, 12 and 13
Point of contact for
Years 9, 10 and 11
Da Vinci Ms. Mary Lacey Vittachi Mr. Ross Burrough
Einstein Mr. Paul Harries Ms. Sarah Jolly
Fleming Mrs. Angela Worthington Mr. Phil Tudor
Nansen Ms. Philipa Peters Mr. Danny Nason
Rutherford Mr. Pak Chan Mr. Russell Scott
Wilberforce Mr. Paul Atkinson Ms. Laura Hjelmeland


Parents should also feel free to telephone pastoral staff but should be aware that, due to teaching commitments, we may not always be readily available to speak. We will, however, respond as soon as possible.


We recognise that as children grow up they can face problems which are more easily solved if they are able to speak with someone in confidence. For this reason, in addition to House Staff, we have five counsellors available. Students are sometimes referred by House Staff but they may also self-refer by contacting one of the counsellors directly.

Kate Yu is a full time Counsellor on site and available to students Monday-Friday. Doris Leung, a social worker from Hong Kong Children and Youth Services is with us all day on Mondays and Thursdays. We are also fortunate enough to have part-time counsellors to allow for greater student support. All counsellors can be contacted using the following email,

Child Protection: Island School

The English Schools Foundation believes that every school community should work collaboratively to protect and promote the welfare of every child. In line with this, we believe that children have the right to learn and can only reach their full potential in a safe environment, free from fear of any form of physical or emotional intimidation.

These principles have implications for all of us that have regular contact with children and students, and we are committed to meeting these responsibilities. We do this through school policies in areas such as positive behavior and discipline, equal opportunities, dealing with bullying and our curriculum for personal, social and health education. Our Child Protection Policy is another important way of doing this. When there are concerns about the child, it is essential that the school follows agreed procedures and works with other agencies as necessary to provide what is best for the child.

Beth Hall and Nick Lee, Vice Principals, are responsible for coordinating all matters regarding child protection in the school. The school’s full Child Protection Policy can be accessed through the, About Us, policies and publications section on the school’s website, publications/

Download ESF Child Protection Policy

You can also download the ESF Drugs Policy