Principal’s Welcome

Principal, Stephen Loggie

Island School has a very distinctive approach to teaching and learning which has generated outstanding success over a long period of time. Our focus is on igniting a passion for learning in every student. Giving students facts is no longer enough for them to succeed post-sixteen. Our role as teachers is to show students how they can problem solve, question, think creatively and to develop the leaders of tomorrow. We encourage students to become resourceful, adaptable and confident learners.

Our approach to education is focussed on the following learner attributes;

Critical thinking

Students are encouraged to form their own opinions which they can elucidate and defend, as their decision making will be the result of research and reflection. In other words, opinions should result from learning. Holding strong opinions does not conflict with understanding that others hold different strong opinions.


Students gain confidence by setting goals they can realise, goals that challenge them to cross boundaries to achievement. Learning is about experimenting, making mistakes and being supported through the process to increase knowledge and understanding. Students should be focused on what they can do; not what they cannot do.

Globally aware

Our international environment demands a social, cultural and political learning process from our students. We want students to be aware of the world and their responsibilities in it, and they must learn to respect the differences of others and their opinions. By cultivating empathy and awareness students will understand how they can improve the lives of others.


Mutual respect leads to a higher quality of learning and students learn respect by being shown respect. At Island School respect is driven from a culture of genuine caring and concern for oneself and others. Teachers are role models, as are parents and other students.  A culture based on caring ensures that students feel comfortable, safe and valued in our school community.

Students who leave Island School need a clear view of what the future could hold for them and the confidence to face that future with optimism, excitement and the skills to adapt to a changing world.

Stephen Loggie