17 Oct 2019

Community English

Island School’s temporary home in Sha Tin Wai and Tai Wai enabled us to make new community partners with the students from Christ College and Ng Yuk Secondary Schools. A number of English Language projects across everything from ‘STEM’ subjects to Art, Music and Drama developed as a result.

This is one student story…

“I’m an 18-year-old student currently studying Computer Science at Charles Darwin University in Australia. I enjoy ice skating, bouldering, dancing and fencing. During our normal English lessons at NYSS, we would usually sit down with textbooks and do exercises and past papers. At NYSS, I was an English Ambassador. My job involved memorising and delivering the script for morning assemblies. These assemblies were sort of like news updates, but we did have holiday-themed assemblies like for Christmas, so that was quite fun since I got to learn a little about the festivals. Aside from that, my exposure to English in a realworld context was quite limited. With Community English, it was a lot more interactive and we did some pretty interesting activities. Some of the ones I remember were a basketball event and decorating Easter eggs with the Island School students. While I had to miss out on basketball, I had a blast decorating the eggs! As a student in a
Chinese secondary school, I didn’t have many opportunities to practise speaking English—so that became my motivation when I joined Community English. When I first started secondary school,
my English was quite bad, and I could barely string together sentences. But through Community English and my studies in Australia, I found myself engaging in conversations, improving
my accent, and increasing my fluency. I developed a genuine interest in English, and found ways to practise, like conversing more with native speakers and watching English Netflix shows.
Not only that, but my school grades also improved, and so did my speaking skills.

Community English was such an invaluable experience for me. It provided a space where I could practice English and have fun doing it. That led to a genuine interest in the language, and it helped me improve my fluency as

If you would like to make a donation to the Community English, please click on this link https://island.edu.hk/donation-made/. A tax deductible receipt is available.