2 Dec 2022



Islanders, get ready for the Connected Communities Week next week (Monday, 5th December to Friday, 9th December) and the Connected Communities Open Day on Friday 9th December!

The Connected Communities Committee, is led by Joseph Lau (13D), Wilson Siu (13R) and Sam Hui (13W)! As you may have heard, the committee has been organising a series of initiatives.

Throughout the week, a large thank you board will be positioned at the main entrance! We plan to write “Thank You Messages” to the Sha Tin Community! Roughly 1,000 postcards will be printed out and distributed. If you are a student who can write in Chinese, we kindly invite you to do so!

On Thursday, 8th December, all students will be asked to dress in their PE kits and house colours where an exciting Instagram photo-taking experience will take place! Island School is a diverse community and we hope to celebrate this through the flourishing colours of our house system. All photos taken can go into the brief thank you cards with the photos taken and anecdotes about their interactions with various members of our local community, which they can then pin up on a bulletin board.

More surprise activities will be taking place during the week – get excited!

We have also made an Instagram account to continue strengthening relationships with the school’s neighbouring communities. This means more similar events like this will be hosted in the future. To stay up-to-date, please remember to follow @connectedcommunitieshk on Instagram! They’ll be discussing the ways we’re planning on reaching different communities in Hong Kong, and how greater change or impact can stem from it as a result. 

The Connected Communities Committee has completed preparations for the upcoming Open Day next Friday. This includes designing posters in English/Traditional Chinese to inform Sha Tin residents about our event, helping to plan food/music/other activities, and to delegate roles on that day, ranging from greetings to music performances to school tours! 

Joseph Lau (13D), Wilson Siu (13R) and Sam Hui (13W), Heads of the Connected Communities Committee, exclaimed, “Now having over 50 committed members in our Committee, it’s amazing to see so many students dedicated to community service. Congratulations to our Committee members for their excellent service. Despite only having around a month to plan for our activities, remarkable progress has been achieved. We have delivered two highly productive sessions this week and received fabulous suggestions on how to shape next week’s experiences. We strive to deliver the best possible experiences for all Islanders next week, and also visiting guests on Friday, 9th December. We look forward to seeing everyone having fun next week while raising awareness towards our cause!”

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you participate in our events this upcoming week!

Newsletter written by Head of Human Resources, Publicity and Outreach Sub-Committee Ava Au Yeung (10D)