4 Mar 2022

Message from the Head Students 2022-23

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Hello Island School, 

We are Angela, Charlie, Fiorelli and Sam, and we are beyond thrilled to be your new Head Students in the upcoming year.

The Island School community is an amalgamation of resilience, strength and unity. As the new Head Students, we hope to help all students reach their highest potential and be the best person they can be. Island School is not only a place of learning, but a community. A community that excels, a community that leads, a community that serves. Island School is a second home to many of us, and every day, we continue to be inspired by the contributions of the people around us. 

Our school community continues to flourish in spite of the challenges we encounter. Our versatility and agility in the face of uncertainty have been unprecedented. Beyond our physical locations, Island School is predicated upon our strong culture and values. As always, we will continue to strive and continue to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Island School. From Sha Tin to Borrett Road to the comfort of our own homes, we hope to champion the Island School spirit wherever we go. 

Our imminent move back to Borrett Road provides opportunities unlike any other. We are so excited for our fellow students to experience and shape the next chapter of Island School history.

We would like to thank Aileen, Ethan, Grace and Yu Hang, our predecessors, for serving as shining role models for the entire student body, and for bringing the student, parent and staff bodies closer together. They have spearheaded the effort in elevating student agency, and we hope to carry their legacy forward. 

As your Head Students, we’re so proud and honoured to be representing you in the upcoming year. We look forward to working with all of you in the near future!


Angela, Charlie, Fiorelli, Sam