4 Mar 2022

ESF Geneva Conference 2022 – Addressing the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict

Students from the Global Politics and Conferences Club debated the current issue of the Ukraine-Russia crisis on the 25th of February. The topic was set in an alternate future in which the conflict escalated to new heights, with Russia bombing the German city of Berlin.

Students had to use their debating and public speaking skills learned in previous club meetings to argue for diplomatic and peaceful solutions towards ending the conflict. The conference gave students the opportunities to represent countries on the Eastern and Western Bloc, from countries like Germany to Russia.

Head Chair Jerry Luo (11D), said “The conference was very enjoyable and I believe that the delegates enjoyed it. I would have liked to see more amendments made rather than the many nuclear strikes and invasions, it still was an enjoyable event.

The conference also saw Manvi Bhargav (9N), Enzo Lee (9D), Halle Cha (7D) and Nicholas Tsang (9E) snatch the awards of Best Position Paper, Best Delegate, Most Improved, and Honourable Mention respectively.

Upon being asked about her experience in the club, Manvi said that “It was a very well organized conference and I enjoyed the lessons planned in the club.” Enzo commented, “These types of events feature aspects of history that improve your perception of world events and improve your debating skills.” Nicholas remarked that “This club gives a real debating experience to students while increasing their awareness of world events”

Conference participants: Manvi Bhargav (9N), Vijay Narayanan (9F), Angus Leung (11N), Halle Cha (7D), Enzo Lee (9D), Tony Luo (9D), Nicholas Tsang (9E), Aiden Cheung (9D), Jerry Luo (11D), Alexander Chen (9N), Ethan Yee (9N)

The Global Politics club runs every Wednesday from 3:15 to 4:15 on Zoom. Students interested can sign up via this Google form.

This club is led by: Ms. Anny Kim, Angus Leung (11N), Vijay Narayanan (9F), Jerry Luo (11D).

Written by Vijay NARAYANAN (9F)