4 Mar 2022

Inter-House Debate Tournament 2022

Organised by Debate & Public Speaking Club, this year’s Inter-House Debate Tournament has been scheduled to take place from 7 – 23 March. With online learning breaking down barriers, a combined Middle/Senior phase competition will be run with teams made up of Year 9-12 students. All debates will be held on Zoom over the first lunch break.

This year’s competition will be conducted using the World Schools Debate rules. There will be 3 speakers in each team, each speaking for 5 minutes. Each house will participate in 5 debates – each going against another house. Rounds 1-4 will be prepared debates, whilst Round 5 will have an impromptu motion.

Prepared motions have been released and are as follows:

Motion #1 – THBT e-sports should be included in the Olympics

Motion #2 – THW remove gifted and talented education

Motion #3 – THS population control in developing countries

Motion #4 – In countries where compulsory military service for men exists, THBT feminists should advocate for the similar conscription of women.

Round 5 motions will only be released at 8 am on the day of the debate.

More information about the debates can be found in this recording and these slides.

The finals round is tentatively scheduled to take place on Thursday, 24 March, during Thrive.

Even if students are not participating in the debate itself, they are always welcome to join in Zoom debate sessions to support their housemates.

For more information, please feel free to contact Debate & Public Speaking Club Leaders: Mr Darryl Hood (darryl.hood@online.island.edu.hk), Charlie Lam (charlie.lam@online.island.edu.hk) and Sam Hui (tszhin.hui@online.island.edu.hk).

And let’s let the debating begin!