Deep Connections

“I see students being most engaged when they teach other students.”

The ‘Deep Connections’ project is designed to improve the English speaking, reading and writing ability of local students for whom English is not their first language.

The project combines ESF students’ peer-teaching local school students English with the support and reach offered by the MeeOpp language education platform.

Deep connections

Our work with MeeOpp is a showpiece example of how the KGV and Island School

Alliance fosters on-going collaboration to drive innovation. In this example, the outcome is an AI product that is at the leading edge of 21st century pedagogy and personalised learning – a social project that will accelerate English language proficiency for local students.

HK$150k pcm
The core team of Project Manager, English co-ordinator, Developer and Admin, along with hosting and streaming costs.

HK$300 cph
With 500 students in 2020 the monthly cost is HK$300 per student.

Our vision is big: by facilitating peer-to-peer learning and platform access, we will enable all Hong Kong students to dramatically improve their English provision and increase their opportunities for further learning as a result. We are, however, taking a ‘launch and learn’ approach to the project where we start small and test and iterate the process as we scale from a single school pilot scheme to being able to work with 500 local students in 2020 and scale further thereafter.

Contact if you can help supporting the core team, which equates to HK$150k pcm.
With 500 students in 2020, this equals a monthly cost of HK$300 per student.
Further efficiencies are gained as the project continues to scale.

We are also looking for support with hardware and connectivity.