Baiwan is an isolated community in the northern part of Guangdong province. It is 90km away from the nearest city Qing Yuan, which, in turn, is 65 km from Guangzhou.

Since the closure of the cement factory, agriculture is the main source of income; farming poor rocky soil for ever declining yields. As a result, many adults of working age have been forced to move to the city, leaving behind a population of children and the elderly.

Thanks to the drive and vision of a member of the teaching staff, we have been working in Baiwan since 1998. Starting out with an annual community service visit for quest week, this has expanded to include fundraising, a Christmas trip and other return visits from current and former students.

This academic year sees four visits to the area, as well as house charity and school-wide projects back in Hong Kong. As part of their training and preparation for the trip, students work with local schools, like Chan Kai Memorial College, teaching English.

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  • Classroom maintenance and covered walkways.
  • School meals to help provide a balanced diet and a healthier community.
  • Provision of computers and other materials.
  • Grants to allow students access to secondary and tertiary education.

“I suddenly realised how much I took everything for granted. They sacrifice so much for their education, but their education still lacked so much.” an Island School student.