AI Academy

“Digital is now intrinsic to any experience, especially for the new generations. It is always on, always available, and we need to set meaningful and ethical standards.”

With the emergence of the internet of things and connected homes, shops, cities and spaces, the barriers between physical and digital became more seamless.

Wearables and sensors have aided this in parallel with the development of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

AI Academy

AI is now established and robotics is just around the corner. We need our students to be comfortable in this world of face, object and environment recognition; natural and conversational UI’s; machine learning and natural language processing.

What does it all mean? What are the ethics of AI? How can you harness this programming power for good?

The AI Academy aims to answer these questions. It will give our students a grounding in how it works and how to develop applications for social entrepreneurism while preparing them for a predicted US$3,061 Billion global AI market in retail businesses alone.

Each 10-week AI Academy course costs us HK$5,580 per student. 

We are looking for partners in a couple of areas.

  1. To help scale the Academy up and make it accessible to more students.
  2. To support the development of the best student projects.

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