Supporting the School Community

ISPTA Mission Statement

ISPTA supports the Island School and Island School community by contributing towards events, initiatives and resources that enhance the overall educational experience of Island School Students. 

We represent the parent voice at Island School, and work together with the school to build a community where everyone feels like they belong.


Supporting the School Community

ISPTA is an integral part of the Island School and the community. We support various school events and initiatives, and fund resources for school and school departments. Over the years, all aspects of the school life have benefited from ISPTA’s support. 

In the last 10 years (2012-2022), ISPTA has contributed over $3.5 million to various events, initiatives and resources. Total cumulative donations since 1967 are not straightforward to estimate but exceed $10 million, Part of the support in earlier years was funded by the uniform and book shops that ISPTA used to run until 2017, and after that mainly from events-based fundraising. Our recent major funding targets include audio equipment for Drama and Music, Science and Design Technology resources, wellbeing initiatives such as Ocean Park day for students, and enhancement of the school’s Community Garden.

ISPTA’s key role is community building. We build connections between parents and school through our support and involvement in parent information sessions, webinars and on-campus parent events. We support the school’s various cultural events through funds and volunteering, bringing the community together to share and appreciate the cultural diversity that makes it up. Our parent get-togethers and WhatsApp community connect parents and facilitate discussions. 

ISPTA has also been one of the key donors of Island School Trust’s N&K bursaries (formerly NMKM fund) that honour the memory of two Island School students. The bursaries fund financially disadvantaged secondary students from local schools who are driven and committed towards their education. Since 1985 ISPTA has donated over $4 million towards the bursaries. Starting from 2019 the main funding of N&K bursaries has come from the Whole School Walk, which ISPTA supports financially and through volunteer efforts.

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