16 Jun 2022

ISPTA Newsletter 2021-22, Term 3

The highlights of Term 3 were the Career Workshop organised by ISPTA and IS, and the graduations. We were delighted to be again involved in organising career events, and this year’s event provided career inspiration and information for Y10 students. In May Y11 had their graduation assembly, and Y13 graduated as Class of 2022, marking the last graduation from the Sha Tin campuses. As the social distancing rules still prohibited receptions, all Y13 graduates received a gift of chocolates to be shared with their families.

Term 3 also marked our farewell to the Sha Tin community that has hosted us since 2018. As part of the farewells, ISPTA sponored a student initiative to organise and distribute 100 care packages for some our neighbours.

With return to face to face learning, many of ISPTA’s donations were put to good use, enhancing the learning experience of our students. This included Robotics kits, and other donations towards science and technology. ISPTA also participated in the new Y7 Transition Day’s house meetings, and organised an appreciation board for our wonderful staff and teachers.

A big thank you to ISPTA committee and staff for their contributions during 2021-22: Manju Anand (Vice Chair), Eric Chen (Honorary Treasurer), Tarja Joro (Honorary Secretary), Lamey Chang , Fatema Jangbarwala, Mukta Mishra, Rosanna Nongdhar, Jennifer Seeto, Holly Seirinakis, Kandy Sum, Ali Ebrahim (invited parent member), Stephen Loggie (Principal ex officio), Mary Lacey-Vittachi (teacher member), Joseph Travers (teacher member) Stephanie Weathington (teacher member), Azeez Kasubhai (ISPTA Manager), CW Lee (accounts consultant).

We look forward to August of 2022, and the new Borrett Road campus. Island School is going home!

Tania Shao,
Chair, Island School PTA Ltd.