10 Jun 2022

Farewell to Shatin

As a farewell to the Shatin community, ISPTA sponsored the purchase of 100 care packages of essential items for some of our housing estate neighbors.

Each care package contained:
Face Mask-Box of 50 pcs
Hand Sanitizer – 1 Bottle
Anti Bacteria Wipes – 1 pack
Hand Moisturizing Cream – 1 tube
Essential Oil – 1 bottle
Kitchen Tools – 6 pieces
Farewell Post Card

The B2B Student Team prepared the packages for distribution. Students throughout the school wrote messages on the Farewell Post cards.

ISPTA was happy to support this initiative and sponsor $10,000 for the cost of 100 care packages.

We would like to thank the Sha Tin community for their support during the last 4.5 years.



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