24 May 2022

Graduation 2022

Year 13 students celebrated their graduation in May on Sha Tin Wai campus, whereas Year 11 students had their graduation assembly online.
ISPTA’s Vice chair Manju Anand addressed the parents and graduates on behalf of the ISPTA and the parent body:


Dear students,

Two years ago you started your IB path in most unusual circumstances. Instead of getting together on campus, you said hello to your new teachers and classmates over the zoom.

The rollercoaster between zoom and campus continued throughout your IB years, and your IB path ended the way it started, over the zoom. It has been a challenging two years. There is no denying that you have missed out on some things. Many of the fun aspects of the school did not happen, and many milestones were not properly marked. Things have not always been easy, but you have made it.

You have shown that success is possible even under challenging and unusual circumstances. These challenges have turned you into resilient people with the best “when I was in high school” stories of a generation – or maybe a century.
I know that I speak for all your parents when I say that they are very proud of you all.

And with the pandemic subsiding, you will spread your wings and soar. You will rise to the challenge and contribute to the opening up of the world again.


Dear teachers and staff,

I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and expert guidance. As parents we all appreciate the enormous challenges that online teaching and working from home poses for education and running a school, and we are thankful for all the work and dedication put into these very challenging years.

A big thank you for helping to shape the Class of 2022 to these wonderful young adults they now are.


Dear parents,

Just seven short years ago some of them climbed up those stairs at Borrett Road as fresh year 7 students. And some of them started their secondary school journey elsewhere, joining the Island School family later on. Doesn’t that feel like yesterday?
Those seven years have been filled with so many joys, some challenges, and countless memories to hold dear.

With this graduation ceremony, one chapter closes and a new one starts. This is true for you as the parents as well.
This chapter will be one about letting go, trusting the foundation that the Island School Community, and this village of ours, have instilled in them.

On behalf of the ISPTA. Congratulations to Class of 2022, and thank you to each and everyone at Island school


With these words, and some tasty chocolates to enjoy with their families, we wish the Class of 2022 all the best for the path ahead.

Once an Islander, always an Islander.