Current Projects, Events and Initiatives

Current Projects Supported by ISPTA 

ISPTA seeks to support events, initiatives and resources that enhance the overall educational experience of Island School students, and well-being of the school community. 

The funding focus for 2022-23 is enhancing the Island School Community Garden. The School Fair surplus will be used for the garden to have proper setup and suitable organic soil for growing plants. The layout and design of the garden will be developed for the space to be used for school events and as an outdoor classroom. 

This year’s Ocean Park day for Island School students is funded from ISPTA’s donations to support well-being in the Island School community. Funds from the School Fair’s Charity Auction and Back to Borrett hoodie project will go towards Island School Trust’s N&K Bursaries. This funds financially disadvantaged secondary students from local schools who are driven and committed towards their education. 

The funding focus for 2023-24 will be decided during Term 1 of the new school year.    


Ongoing Events and Initiatives

School Fairs
Together with the school and students, ISPTA organises the annual School Fair. The School Fair brings together the whole school community for fun games, shopping, amazing food, music and arts. The international food court organised by our parent volunteers brings in delicacies that showcase the cultural diversity of the school community. The surplus of the School Fairs supports various initiatives that enhance the school life.  

School Events
ISPTA supports Island School’s cultural events for Diwali, Christmas, Lunar New Year and other cultural celebrations. Parent volunteers help to decorate the courtyard for the celebrations, and ISPTA funds the decorations and part of the cultural activities. ISPTA also contributes towards other school and student events, and hosts the Y13 Graduation Reception.

Whole School Walk
Whole School Walk is the flagship fundraiser for Island School Trust’s charities, including the N&K bursaries. ISPTA coordinates the parent volunteers for the post walk barbeque. 

Parent Lunches and Get-togethers
ISPTA hosts on-campus year-level parent lunches with the school leadership team. The parent lunches provide an opportunity for parents and school leaders to connect. We also hold informal parent get-togethers off campus.  

ISPTA and school organise Friday morning coffee webinars on topics relevant to the parent community. Past webinars included talks on curriculum, quest week, individual needs support, well-being and higher education. ISPTA also participates in parent information webinars.

Collaboration with Higher Education and Careers
ISPTA collaborates with Island School’s Higher Education and Careers team to find interesting and engaging speakers for various career events, as well as other opportunities for students.

Welcoming parents, WhatsApp groups and Parent Buddies
ISPTA supports welcoming new parents by participating in the transition and induction. 

Our WhatsApp groups connect parents with other parents in their year-group. We also run WhatsApp groups for bus and commute discussion, a support group for communication in Chinese, and community groups for Korean and Japanese families. 

ISPTA can also help arrange for parent buddies for new parents when they join the school in Year 7. We pair fluent English/Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) speakers with parents who may need help with the English communication. We may also be able to find buddies in other languages depending on the language.