Welcome to ISPTA

Welcome to ISPTA

Dear Parents,

A warm welcome to the Island School community from the Island School Parent Teacher Association (ISPTA). Island School takes pride in its close-knit community. We work to build an environment where everyone feels that they belong. ISPTA contributes to the Island School community by providing support on initiatives that enhance the overall learning experience for our children.

Your membership supports the Island School community
All families automatically become ISPTA members when they join Island School, and your annual membership fee allows us to support the school and enhance the learning experience of our children. ISPTA sponsors initiatives, activities and resources for the school community. We organise and support various school events, as well as information sessions and get-togethers for parents. For more details of our events & contributions, please check ISPTA NewsPlease note that the payment of the annual PTA membership fee is mandatory as per ESF Ordinance and Regulations. The ISPTA annual fee is $200 per family. An invoice for the fee will be issued in September via the school’s e-payment system.

Be part of the school community: ISPTA WhatsApp groups
ISPTA Parent WhatsApp groups are a platform to bring together the IS parents community. The groups will help you to be part of the school community, get connected with other parents in your year group, stay informed, ask questions, share experiences and enjoy the Island Spirit.  Please fill in the online form to join the groups. (Existing members are automatically carried forward to the next year’s group.) The group for new Y7 parents will be opened for discussion in June. The chats are moderated by the ISPTA committee members. 

Volunteering opportunities
As the next academic year starts we will be in full swing for cultural events, school fair and parent get-togethers. We always welcome and require parent involvement, and parents who volunteer their time and talent for the ISPTA are the heart of the Island School community. Please stay connected via the school newsletter and WhatsApp groups for upcoming events. You can also sign up for volunteering opportunities with this online form. There will be several ways in which you can involve yourself with the ISPTA.

We look forward to your support of the ISPTA and wish you and your family a wonderful year ahead at Island School. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at pta@online.island.edu.hk

Warm regards,

ISPTA Committee