Support your child

Be a Volunteer

Parents who volunteer their time and talent for the ISPTAL are the heart of the Island School community.

These are the ways in which you can involve yourself with the ISPTAL.
* Join the ISPTAL committee, we welcome all.
* Sign Up for our WhatsApp groups for Year 7 – Year 13 (Keep in touch with other parents)
* Parent Representative (Organize lunch/dinner or drinks with our help for your child’s year group)
* Coffee Mornings (Held on campus with an informal discussion opportunity with Principal/Vice-Principals)
* Newsletter Team (If you have writing skills, help us with our newsletters)
* Design (If you have design skills, do let us know as we always need some designing to be done.)
* Volunteer for events organized by us.
* School Fairs (Spring & Winter Fairs)
* Career Fair (Share your experience with our students)
* Round Table (Information sharing by parents with children in older years, especially useful for Elements, IGCSE and IB exams and beyond)
* Ad/hoc events to support the school

If you can offer a unique service to the community let us know…. we are always brainstorming.


WhatsApp Groups

We have official ISPTAL parent WhatsApp groups for all year groups. ( Y7 – Y13) If you would like to get in touch with other parents in your child’s year group or you are a new parent, please email our ISPTAL office with your Child’s Name & Family Name,Year and House and we will add you on to that relevant group. The groups are moderated by the ISPTAL committee members.


Parents Reps Year 7 to 13 – Alefiyah Ebrahim & Manju Anand