20 Jun 2024

Year 7 STEM Day 2024

Last week, our Year 7 students embarked on an out-of-this-world learning adventure for our annual Y7 STEM Day. The theme this year was ‘Escape from Mars’ – where students worked in their House teams to complete a series of hands-on challenges designed to help them survive and return safely from the red planet.

Throughout the day, students rotated through various activity stations set up around the school, each testing a different set of STEM skills. Some examples of activities were creating oxygen in the science labs, using solar panels effectively, making a dynamo, programming a rover, building and launching a rocket! To add to the authenticity, students even had to wear oxygen masks while moving between activities.

By the end of the event, students had effectively demonstrated their critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving skills. The competition was fierce, but in the end, the teams with the highest points were as follows:


Congratulations to all our Year 7 students who participated! They all did a fantastic job tackling their challenges and working together in their House teams. We’re already looking forward to what next year’s STEM Days will bring!

The overall House winners were….

1st place – Rutherford

2nd place Fleming

3rd place Nansen

4th place Da Vinci

5th place – Wilberforce

6th place – Einstein