14 Jun 2024

WANBO Textbook Marketplace

WANBO’s annual textbook marketplace is back! This is an initiative where students Y9s and up can sell their academic resources (textbooks, notes, etc) to younger year groups at a cheaper rate than official book vendors. We hope that through this, furthered sustainability can be promoted, and sellers can reach a wider audience.

How do I use the Textbook Marketplace?

  1. Access the Marketplace on Google Sheets via this link.
  2. Browse through the categories available (IB / iGCSE/ Other).
  3. If you are interested in purchasing materials or have any enquiries, contact the seller through the information they have provided on the “Contact List” page. 
  4. Arrange exchanges directly with the seller. Note: WANBO takes no responsibility for any transactional issues surrounding resources.

All original prices are in HKD and sourced from current online listings of the book. Feel free to negotiate with and direct inquiries to the student sellers through the contact information provided. For purposes of simplicity, ESS has been isolated just as a G4 subject. 

Please Note: Incoming Year 12s will not need to purchase their copy of the textbooks in the following subjects as the school is providing an online subscription for them. (They may still purchase them for additional learning as a supplement, but it is no longer compulsory to do so.) 

  • TOK
  • Biology
  • DP Business
  • Chemistry
  • Economics