20 Jun 2024

Inter-House Challenge – Win house points! History and Geography Photo Competition 2024

Capture the essence of history and geography through your unique perspective! Share a photo that showcases an intriguing building, place, landform, or artefact you encountered during your summer break. Remember to include yourself in the picture to highlight your personal connection.

To earn House Points, please adhere to the following guidelines:

– Submit only one entry per person, whether individually or with family/friends.

– Accompany your photo with a 100-word write-up explaining its significance or formation.


Additionally, seize the opportunity to win prizes based on:

– The originality, impact, attitude, and composition of your photograph.

– A captivating write-up that enhances the overall presentation.


The deadline for submissions is August 25th, 2024.

Click on the slides for more information