22 Oct 2018

Year 10 Students Explore Nature’s Art Forms

Mushrooms, squid and lettuce, students in Year 10 explored a variety of unusual natural forms in the Art workshop held on the 11 October.

The workshop was themed around natural forms. Students brought in objects of their own choice to investigate. In pencil, they produced detailed tonal studies that demonstrated their technique and their understanding of composition.

Year 10 student Kimberley Ng said, “It was a great experience. We had never worked for a full day before so it was quite challenging, but in the end, it was extremely rewarding and everyone’s sketches looked great!”

All of the pieces they produce will be marked as a part of their GCSE coursework and contribute towards their final grade. During the workshop students familiarized themselves with the style, sustained time and format of their final exam.

By Grace Zheng, Media Team