22 Oct 2018

Lessons in Life – Students Get Ready for Bai Wan 2018

In preparation for their trip to *Bai Wan during Quest Week students from Years 11-13 held their second teaching practice on Friday the 12th of October. Students from nearby school Chan Kai Memorial College visited the Tai Wai campus for English lessons, planned and run by the 2018 Bai Wan team.

On why they chose to go to Bai Wan for Quest Week, students expressed a variety of motivations. “I think that [Bai Wan] is such a great opportunity to take direct action and help children” explained Tiffany Cheung (12D). Esha Morakhiya (12F) added, “We have so many opportunities [at Island School]… I just feel like we should help those that don’t have what we have.”

The lessons included, puppet making, world leaders and their country’s flags, ukulele playing and, catapult making.

Attending the Bai Wan trip also serves as a way for students to gain new experiences. Mae Sapo (13D) said that, “I wanted to experience something different – do some charity work and work with kids, as I’ve never really worked with kids before.”

The Bai Wan team’s lessons are primarily focused on teaching English in the context of other subjects, such as art, science and geography. “We mainly encourage them [the visiting students] to speak more day-to-day English, which they can use in everyday life,” Tiffany said.

These teaching practices help the students prepare for Quest Week in many different ways. Esha said, “I’ve learnt that it’s not easy being a teacher… at first I found it hard to get [the students’] attention.” Based on feedback from earlier sessions, many of the students had to amend their lesson plans to make them more effective. These changes included time management and adjusting the content to a more appropriate level for the visiting students. But the results seen to be positive.

“I like coming to Island School,” said one visiting student, “I have learnt many things and it is fun.”

*Island School supports the Baiwan community by fundraising for facilities, taking donations of clothes and toys and by teaching in the local schools. Current issues being tackled include breakfast and lunch clubs, to ensure the children have a healthy diet, and supporting learning through secondary to tertiary education.

By Julia Mulrooney Communications and Information Officer

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