18 Mar 2021

Walkathon 2021

On Thursday, 25 March Island School will be walking to raise money for children from low or no income families. Your donations will create bursaries and opportunities for children struggling to cover their basic living costs.

The walk will be in real life – not a virtual walk but a real one, out in the fresh air! Students and teachers will be looping down to the sports pitch (where PE lessons are held) to clock-up a few laps (each lap equals one House point). To keep this event safe and socially distanced students will be walking in Year groups in pods of four, departing the campus at set times throughout the day.

Everyone is encouraged to wear a hat – the funnier the better, with prizes for the best!

Form tutors will give students a sponsorship / pledge form before the walk but students are asked not to bring donations to school until after the Easter break. If every student donates $250 or more we can reach our target. In 2020 some families donated $3000 which is a total cost of a Nicola and Kenneth bursary, it is also the amount needed to support the tertiary education of students in Baiwan or sponsor a teenager in Katja House in Nepal.

The walk will happen within the school day and students should travel to and from school as normal and wear the PE kit.

Watch this video to find out more.