25 Mar 2021

Teachers and Students Collaborate to Enhance Learning Experiences

Teachers from the Professional Learning Community (PLC) project group and Student Learning Advisors (SLA) joined together at a workshop to discuss ways to enhance collaboration practices in lesson design.

Members of the SLA, Anakin Teahan (11R), Fiorelli Wong (11R), Aileen Bai Yang (12D), and Gemma Tang (12N), spoke to staff about the types of collaboration activities that they feel particularly benefits students in both an online and in school learning environment.

Ms. Lorraine Harte, PLC project group leader commented, “It was fantastic to have student learning advisors from both Tai Wai and Sha Tin Wai campuses present to teachers at the collaboration workshop. A key component in effective lesson design is to have student voice and input into meaningful ways which we can teach our students”.