17 Mar 2021

Understanding the objects in the universe, students hear from an Astrophysicist 

Astrophysicist Cynthia Ho, UCL PhD student talked to Physics students about cosmology on 17th March 2021.

Ho discussed the masses and radius of each of the planets in our solar system. She then explained what the Hertzsprung-Russel Diagram stands for as well as what spectral classes were. The objects in the Universe, including moons, asteroids, comets, Pluto & Trans-Neptunian Objects were also explored. Ho then answered questions and shared her insights and experiences as an expert in astronomy.

Physics Teacher Mr Chris Windle said, “I would like to thank Cynthia for sharing her expertise in astrophysics, teaching both the students and myself lots of new information. Students were inspired and motivated throughout the presentation and are now very eager and enthusiastic to start their Year 11 Astrophysics course.”

When asked about his experience of the talk, Sam Hui (11W) said, “Cynthia was an inspiring and highly engaging speaker who provided a lot of insight into the Universe. The session was fascinating and it was an excellent opportunity for us to engage in discussions about stars, planets and more. We [the students] really enjoyed the session!”

Wilson Siu (11R) recalled, “ I learnt a lot about all of the planets in the solar system and some exoplanets. It was a wonderful experience overall!”