19 Nov 2018

United by Poetry

The Year 9 students witnessed theater company Poetry in Action’s – United Nations of Poetry performance on 2nd November 2018. The team of three actors (one a former Island School student) performed poetry in different genres and types. Their themes included: war, love, and nature.

Student Abigail Ho said, “Throughout the performance laughter was everywhere. It was clear that everyone enjoyed the show.”

“The performance was brilliant. The actors interacted with the students and captured our attention.”

“They covered a lot of information and highlighted the important subjects. It was one of the most engaging performances that I’ve ever been seen.”

Student Charlotte Wong said, “The performance was inspiring. It taught us to appreciate different types of poetry that not a lot of people are aware of. Our eyes were opened to poetry from all over the world. This performance changed my views of poetry, acting and writing.”