16 Nov 2018

Message From The Principal, 16 Nov 2018

Dear Parents and caregivers

Island School was abuzz this week with stories of the amazing adventures that were undertaken on Quest Week. I personally was on Year 7 camp and I left with many fond memories, a much better relationship with all of the Year 7’s and amazement of the teachers who conducted the event.

My favourite part of camp occurred during “lights out” on the first night. Getting the boys to get themselves ready and into their rooms was quite challenging and even when we achieved this it was obvious sleep was not coming anytime soon.

Normally I’d not be too please with anyone stopping me retiring for the evening however as I patrolled the corridors until the late hours this was not the case. In fact overhearing the students talking with such excitement of the day they’d had and their expectations of what was to follow brought a huge smile to my face.

A feature of the camp was the leadership contribution of the Year 12 prefects. They were amazing in the way they both cared for and challenged the Year 7’s and we can all be very proud of them.

Our camp was organised by Mr. Kevin Lester and Mrs. Stephanie Weathington (also Quest Week Co-ordinator) and the enthusiasm and dedication they exhibited was inspirational. They were ably assisted by our Quest Week Manager Sasha James, and a large group of supervising teachers.

This is only one account of Quest Week and I’m sure that your young person can talk for hours and hours about their experiences.

In closing I would like to thank you for your support of this wonderful Island School tradition. It enriches our community immeasurably and has done so for a long time.