16 Nov 2018

Positive School Programme

A scheme committed to improving the wellbeing of students and staff has been launched this week at Island School. The ‘Positive School Programme’ champions a whole school approach to psychological wellbeing.

The programmes starts with teacher wellbeing, helping teachers to build resilience and develop practical, versatile skills that they can then pass on to other staff and students. The programme was introduced to staff on the 12 November 2018, by educational psychologists and Positive School Programme practitioners.

The Positive Schools’ research promotes the idea that resilient people perform better under pressure, have better cognitive function (concentration, memory, decision making, curiosity and creativity), have a greater tolerance to uncertainty, experience better physical health and are more effective at positively influencing and motivating others.

The Positive Schools Programmer feeds into the work of the, teacher lead, wellbeing project group. The project group are developing initiatives that will support the wellbeing of all staff and students.

Updates and more information about the project team and its work will follow in the coming weeks.