17 Jun 2022

Typhoons athletes shine at HKSSF Competitions

Island School athletes participated in the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation (HKSSF) Division 2 Athletics Competition on 6 and 9 June 2022. Director of Sports, Marc Sexton said, “It was absolutely wonderful to be back at the Wan Chai Stadium, cheering on our athletes and seeing them compete against other schools. All the athletes did a fantastic job, and the Island School community is very proud of them. See highlights below.

2nd place in C grade 4 x 400M – Jeremy Tang (9F), Sebastian Sindar, Alejandro Castro Rebolledo (9R), Jay Chow (9D).

2nd place in A grade Javelin – Seoul Pham (12E)

3rd place in C grade Girls 400M – Chung Yin (Ella) Chan (8E),

3rd place in B grade Javelin – Matt Tam (10N),

4th place in B grade – HJ Andrea Wong (10W),

4th place in B grade Boys Shot put – Felix Zhang (10N),

4th place in C grade 4 x 400M relay – Chung Yin (Ella) Chan (8E), Elisabeth Buck, Viola Ferraro (9D) and Lucy Seirinakis (8R)

Special mention to:

Elie Cox (9F) for her excellent performance in the 100M.

Marco Pirie (12F) for his perseverance in the Boys A grade 100m in which he got into the finals but sadly had to withdraw due to injury.

Jeremy Tang (9F) performed incredibly in the Boys C grade 100m and 200m and achieved a final spot in both events by clocking 12:87 for the 5th place in the 100m final.

Kanna Gaffney (8W) ran an impressive 2:41 in the 800M.

The Boys B and C grade 4 x 400m relay put up fantastic performances in which the B grade team was so close to getting a medal, with captain Eatson Lin (10N) running at full speed.


Well done to our Boys and Girls Tennis teams this season. They have been ably led by Ms Rai for the Girls and Mr Loggie for the Boys. The teams have been competing since November in a really protracted season, with intensive training every Friday recently. The boy’s team has battled through close-run fixtures against a range of opposition, with a notable win against ESF rivals South Island School. The girl’s have also been magnificent – they completed a grand slam of wins against SIS. Great job to everyone on the teams.


Congratulations to the Girls’ and Boys’ Senior Badminton teams this season. The boy’s finished top of their group whilst the girl’s were runners-up in their respective groups during the preliminary rounds. Though the teams could not progress, they made it to the quarter-finals. These positive results will undoubtedly support the team next season. Thank you again to their excellent and dedicated coaches, Ms Lee and Ms Singh.

A massive congratulations to all the Typhoons athletes! We look forward to having more exciting news next year.

Reported by the PE Department