17 Jun 2022

Students awarded medals at Chinese Reading World 2022

Congratulations to Winnie Wei Ru Chen (7D), Vincy Lung (7W) and Cheuk Wing Elina Lee (8D) for winning various awards at the Online Graded Reading World 2022.

Online Graded Reading World is a Chinese reading programme developed by the Commercial Press HK Ltd. Island School’s Chinese department subscribes to the reading programme, inviting the near native-speaking learners from Years 7 and 8 to join.

The programme requires students to read a passage on a daily basis and answer related questions. If they get the questions right they will be upgraded to a more challenging passage.

The awards are:

The most outstanding students on campus

1st place, Winnie Wei Ru Chen (7D)

2nd place, Vincy Lung (7W)

3rd place, Cheuk Wing Elina Lee (8D)

The school’s best students

1st place, Winnie Wei Ru Chen (7D)

2nd place, Cheuk Wing Elina Lee (8D)

3rd place, Vincy Lung (7W)

Reported by the Chinese Language Department