4 Nov 2022

Halloween at Island School 2022

From decorations and dress-ups to movie screenings and pumpkin puzzle hunts, students enjoyed a fun Halloween at Island School on Monday, 31st October 2022.

Organised by the Student Council, this year’s Island School Halloween activities included:

  • Dress-Spooky: Students were encouraged to dress up in their best costume or black/orange, free of charge. Every student who dressed up earned one point for their House.
  • Forms then nominated their best-dressed students who earned additional points! Vote for your favourite THREE Dress Spooky costumes here.
  • Movie Screening – Coraline: A screening of Coraline was available in the Library Studio (Room G06) during Monday lunchtime! 
  • Pumpkin Puzzles: Students were challenged to find as many pumpkins as possible around school and solve their riddles. Congratulations to Shanica Yiu (07EC), Alicia Poon (09W) and Ningyi Liu (07EJ), who answered all the riddles correctly and thus won House points!
  • Halloween Horror Stories: Students submitted their best scary short stories, and the top ten responses went forward to the finals. Vote for your favourite THREE Scary Short Stories here. Please vote by Tuesday. We will announce the winners of both events after Quest Week.

The Head Students said, “Our sincere appreciation to the Island School community for their unwavering support towards making this day so enjoyable for everyone! Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming up!”

This week would not have been possible without the support of the following students, who helped decorate our campus on Friday, 28th October 2022. The Student Council expresses its gratitude to Natalie Ng (11R), Kelly Huang (11R), Kylie Tam (11N), Emily Chan (11N), Stella Chen (10D), Vijay Narayanan (10F), Jayden Yuen (9R), Christy Park (10E), Shannon Lam (10D), Kaeli Ng (10F), Manvi Bhargav (10N), Chloe Wong (10D), Kacey Li (10R), Isabella Chow (10E), Anabelle Lee (10E), Carlson Leung (10D), Enzo Lee (10D), Mali Tan (8D), Cassy Wu (8F), Peony Chau (10N), Heidi Fan (10E), Ava Au Yeung (10D), Takashi Cheung (10D), Alicia Lai (10R), Kate Yoon (10W), Sunwoo Whang (10F), Zubia Ahmed (10W), Joseph Cheung (10D), Hans Yang (13W), Joseph Lau (13D).

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