4 Nov 2022

Students Explore Wellbeing Management at Town Hall

Representatives from the Student Council spoke to Year 11 students about strategies to manage their wellbeing in the inaugural Student Voice Town Hall on Tuesday, 1st November 2022.

The Student Voice Town Hall is a new collaborative initiative launched by the Head Students and Student Advisors Committee to foster connectivity between the Heads & Deputies of the Student Council and the student body. With the Student Council’s top priority being hearing student voices, feedback and suggestions this year, students have been encouraged to share their perspectives through open and productive dialogue and work with the Student Council to generate solutions to make our learning environment the best it can be.

The session started with an introduction of what the Town Halls were about by Sam Hui (13W), Head Student, and Joseph Lau (13D), Head of Student Advisors, elaborating on their personal experiences managing time when they were in Year 11. Then, moving onto a Q&A session, students shared their suggestions on school life, such as furthering school spirit through Student Council activities and enhancing vertical collaboration within the school through mentorship systems. Throughout the session, social distancing measures were rigorously implemented, with students asked to sit in pairs and with tables 1.5 metres apart to ensure the safety of all participants.

All feedback presented in the meeting has been summarised by the Student Advisors Committee and will be presented to the Senior Leadership Team.

Andy Chan (11E), Year 11 student representative, explained, “When I first heard that Island School was going to run Town Halls, I was extremely excited and couldn’t wait to see how we could help bring a positive impact on our school lives. Fortunately, with all the lively discussions and engaging presentations, the Year 11 Town Hall was everything I could have hoped it to be, if not better!”

“It was absolutely fabulous to see so many Year 11 students passionate about elevating school life, and in particular, strategies to enhance student well-being. The creative and innovative ideas proposed exhilarates us since we are witnessing history in the making – these sessions are indeed fabulous opportunities for Islanders to contribute into processes that shape their future experiences. This is exactly what the Island School spirit is all about!”, said Sam Hui (13W) and Joseph Lau (13D), organisers of the session.

Student Voice Town Halls are available for Years 7–10 & 12 students. Please fill in this Google Form before the end of FRIDAY, 11th November, if you are interested in signing up for your year group’s session. There is a quota on student numbers, and places will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.


For more regular updates and announcements on the project and opportunities for students to get involved in our initiatives, please check the Student Council’s Instagram page @isstudentcouncil.