28 Apr 2022

Theatre Sports Club – Interactive Mystery: Missing Starlet on Set

Online school can be a challenging time, but the Theatre Sports ECA club — led by Mrs Mary Lacey-Vittachi — showed no signs of slowing down. Picking up over Zoom after a terrific first term of fine-tuning improvisation skills through games and competition, the nine young actors stepped up to their roles online in preparation for an interactive mystery digital performance.

From writing entire monologues to documenting character perspectives for potential lanes of questioning, the students made the best of an unfortunate extended two months of distanced learning by putting together a fabulous show that flourished in ways we could never have imagined.

The story revolved around the inexplicable disappearance of world-renowned actress Annie Croquette. The high-end Hollywood Detective Agency (our guest participants) was called in immediately to investigate this peculiar situation whilst all cast and crew were assembled for a statement and questioning by the detectives. What happened that day? Where is Annie? And most importantly, is it too late?

Article by Chapman Cheung, Year 12 IBCP student