27 Apr 2022

WANBO – Students presented at the Hong Kong Eco Action Forum 2022

From Zero Waste Initiative to the food composting system, members of WANBO explained the student-led environmental initiatives at the Hong Kong Eco Action Forum, held on 22 April 2022.

Aiming to promote awareness and to encourage the public to take part in the transformation towards carbon neutrality, the event was co-organised by UNESCO HongKong Association and the Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development. 

Throughout the event, five schools were given the opportunity to present their ideas and initiatives for environmental conservation to tackle the issue of climate change. Island School elaborated on the projects such as Zero Waste Initiative, the food composting system that promotes sustainability, and their methods of advocacy. 

Ady Lam (12E) and Chanan Ng (12F), Heads of WANBO commented: “I would like to thank Ms Chen and UNESCO HK for inviting us to speak at the event. We look forward to the potential collaborations with other schools across Hong Kong and working together to help the environment.”

“We are very grateful WANBO was offered this chance to share the hard work of students to a wider audience. It also was an excellent opportunity for WANBO to identify their areas of improvement and to learn from other schools in Hong Kong,” said Alexandra Lai and Katrina Hon, deputy heads of WANBO. 

Click here to watch the full video of the event.

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Tai Wai: katrina.hon@online.island.edu.hk or alexandra.lai@online.island.edu.hk

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Article by WANBO