28 Apr 2022

Teachers shortlisted for Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards 2022

A massive congratulations to Ms Maryanne McPhee and Mr Ross Burrough who have been shortlisted for the Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards 2022 for their commitment and excellence in teaching.

The Awards celebrate and recognise the fantastic work teachers do all around the world. This is a global competition in which students can nominate teachers to express their gratitude, and in particular, appreciate their perseverance and determination during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the shortlist was chosen from over 7,000 nominations from 113 countries. Among the 60 shortlisted candidates, both Hong Kong recipients were from Island School!

Ms McPhee was nominated for “making the ordinary, extraordinary” through her “unparalleled” History lessons. The student appreciated her “consistent check-ins” and for shaping “an unprecedented learning environment”. Beyond academics, Ms McPhee directed community events to “bridge our school with our neighbouring community through her exceptional leadership of the Social Action Team”. She also “successfully coordinated the implementation of DEI into every facet of school life”, and oversaw the MUN team which “achieved significant results”.

This was Mr Burrough’s second nomination in a row! “Forging warm, genuine connections with his students”, he made students “feel seen and valued”. Despite his “teaching commitments”, he “would always have his door open for chats”, “truly caring about my [the student’s] wellbeing”. He also inspired students to “prioritise mental health” and “liaised with teachers supervising activities”, “spurring growth in every single student he encounters”.

Congratulations again to Ms McPhee and Mr Burrough.

The details of the nominations can be seen below: