18 Jun 2021

Thank You, Thrive Ambassadors 2020-2021

A huge congratulations and thank you to all the Thrive Ambassadors this year who have collaborated and produced the Monthly Wellbeing.

The top contributors to the monthly wellbeing were awarded a Thrive water bottle designed and produced by the Elements ‘Run Your Own business’ team. Thank you Shuban Tilve (9F) and the team.

Watch out for the applications for next year if you would like to join our student leadership team.

The Thrive awards this year :

Zhejun Anders 7W, Alena Mavalvala 7N, Liane Thang 7E, Kate Yoon 8W, Manashyu Gadia 8R, Vijay Narayanan & Anu Subramanian 8F, Milla Lamont 9D, Alexandra Lai & Rachel Yoon 9W, Hailey Lau 10N, Ginny Park 10W, Airi Tachino 10D, Cherry Cheung, 10F, Samrin Monami 11D, Timmy Liu & Aidan Lung 12W.