17 Jun 2021

¡Hola! Spanish Drama

Year 7 Spanish rounded off their unit on Food and Drink by writing and performing a scene in a restaurant to their classmates on Wednesday, 16th June.

Students had previously studied the relevant Spanish words and phrases and spent two lessons putting them together to write a script. They added imaginative elements of their own creation such as a café that served onion juice and another that served giant blueberries. After each performance positive peer feedback was offered by other students in the class about how clearly the Spanish had been pronounced and how entertaining the scene had been.

Kai Pollard (7D) said “I really liked dressing up to play the part of a waiter”, while classmate Sophia Sun (7E) said “The scene in the restaurant was a fun way to show what we had learnt during this unit”.

From Left: Liam Wong, Jasmine Ching, Ella Chan and Ashlynn Chen

From Left: Martyn Ngai, Ethan Lo, Aarav Mishra and Kai Pollard

From Left: Tiara John, Sophia Sun and Bella Yin