18 Jun 2021

Melanie Triumphs at Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition

Congratulations to Melanie Hsieh (12N) for winning 4 awards, including the first place in Mathematics and Engineering (Senior Secondary Division), at the 23rd Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition.

Melanie’s winning innovation Nung is a wearable tech device that tracks and analyses patients’ vibration patterns throughout the day. The collected data are fed into a machine learning algorithm that draws out the curve of best fit. The final result could provide an accurate summary of the patient’s past symptoms to doctors, helping them to offer personalized medication to each Parkinson’s disease (PD) patient.

“I’ve spent 7 months transforming Nung from an idea to an actual product. More than 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive disorder that causes stiffness, tremor and many more. With an initial idea of helping my grandma who also suffered from PD to better control her symptoms I decided to create Nung, said Melanie.

“Special thanks to Mr Daniel Bluhm for his guidance and support throughout the design and competition period.”

Awards received:

  1. First place in Mathematics and Engineering (Senior Secondary Division)
  2. Young Scientists of the year
    1. Awarded to the student who obtains the best performance in Senior Secondary Division
  3. Emerson Special Award
    1. Awarded HKD$3000 scholarship to the outstanding projects related to Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Melanie also participated in the creative coding competition and was awarded the first place for using Python to build a Fourier series animation.